Real Estate Law

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In any type of real estate transaction or dispute, it is critical to have objective, knowledgeable counsel. Paul B. Justi, Attorney at Law, is the perfect legal partner if you are buying, selling, developing or leasing a commercial or residential property as well as aggressive representation in any real estate related disputes or litigation needs.

Objective and Protective Real Estate Counsel

Having the help of a real estate attorney in any transaction, commercial or residential, can be extremely beneficial. Because there are several parties involved in a real estate deal, it is crucial that you have someone looking after your best interests and helping to explain the technical, legal terms throughout the process. Legal advice from other parties, such as the seller or agent, may be biased based on the fact that they stand to make money once the deal closes. Having clear, objective counsel ensures sound decisions for your future. From reviewing the initial contracts to over-seeing closing activities, an experienced real estate lawyer like Paul B. Justi can help relieve stress and negotiate terms that are beneficial to you and can reduce costs and liability down the road. We can assist in due diligence investigations, title evaluations, and all commercial real estate property development.

Real Estate Litigation Attorney

At the office of Paul B. Justi, we can also assist in any real estate litigation or disputes that might arise. Just a few of these include:

  • Fraud and non-disclosure
  • Escrow disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Tenant/Landlord disputes
  • Boundary and zoning disputes
  • Foreclosure
  • and more…

Call our office at (925) 256-7900 to talk with an experienced real estate lawyer. Real estate attorney Paul B. Justi is dedicated to serving your needs and providing experienced counsel for the best possible outcome.